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Feb. 6th, 2017 08:19 pm
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Crow Armbrust
Player: Fishy
Canon: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
Canon Point: Trails of Cold Steel II, after the Intermission.
Alignment: Sosyne
Date of Entry: 02/05/2017
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Nov. 18th, 2031 07:10 pm
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You know you want to!

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Feb. 6th, 2017 08:55 pm
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Want to contact Crow directly? Well here you go!

spam him with glitter, get deserves everything he gets
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Hey there! So here's the deal: I'm taking Crow from Trails of Cold Steel II, which means that by the nature of things certain elements from the first game may be spoiled. I'll generally default to no spoilers if I'm not tagging with a castmate and if they ever come up, I'll definitely note it in the subject line because there is shit in these games that deserves not to be spoiled.

However, if you'd prefer me not to tag you at all, or you'd like to indicate that you're okay with spoilers, then I'd really appreciate it if you note it here! o7 Comments are screened in case!
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✘ Obsession with vengence (from passing through firewall to the strip club)
✘ Violent impulses (from possessing a stripperbot)
✘ Forgetting about his grandfather (from possessing the sharknado robot)
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If I kick it this week, look out for Rean like you would for one of your guys. I'm also willing to let you borrow a couple of somethings to help you get the job done. Check out number 31 on the men's side and ask Rean about the day I paid off my debt.
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[Another week, another execution. That was how it worked around here, when it wasn't a mess of killings during the other times. This week, it was Kevin's murder...  although from the looks of everything, there was a lead on this one. Those shell casings were an anomaly, considering what Crow had seen with his own eyes, and there wasn't anyone else aside from him who had guns listed in his profile. With that in mind and mismatched orbal pistols in tow, Crow knocks on Top Dollar's door.]

Yo, you in there? Wondered if you might wanna talk shop a little!

[He knows this likely looks suspicious as all hell, especially with his involvement in the room searches. Still, the worst thing that could happen is that he gets shot, right?]
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[Rean had found out in the end. He should've known that even with the events of Thursday weighing on his mind, Rean wouldn't let the issue of Kevin's confession and Hazama's murder go. After an awkward morning conversation, they had parted and Crow had lost any reason to hide his involvement with Kevin and Yuri this week. If he was going to be found out by people looking at the camera footage anyways, then why bother? And if everyone could accept Kevin organizing a strip search to find out who killed Estelle, then he wasn't too worried about the kind of looks he'd be getting anyways.

So with that in mind, Crow will be along with a medkit in tow. He'd patched Yuri up a little on Wednesday, but that was pretty makeshift, and they'd need something more substantial afterwards, anyways. It was too bad he couldn't do it earlier with the messes on Thursday, Friday and the weekend, but they had to deal. Have a nice, firm knock on the door, Yuri.]

Yo? You in there? Can't leave you in those rags for the rest of the week.
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[Well, waking up at 6 AM sure is a thing, but he's got an errand to run this morning, so he'll diligently get dressed and make a run to the mail room. It's early enough that he doesn't have to try too hard to avoid most people here, but hopefully not so far out of his usual schedule for Mondays to look overtly suspicious. Still, there was probably one person he couldn't avoid. With Rean's interest in the Hazama case, it wouldn't be unexpected that he would run into him in the mail room though, even if the past week had worn heavily on him.

Well, that was fine. He should probably mention it anyways.

So he'll stroll in the mail room as casual as can be.]

Morning. You been waiting around here for a while or what?
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[Moving was always a hassle, but it was worse in this place since they had been forced to move almost every week since they had arrived here. At the beginning it wasn't too bad since he didn't have much in the way of possessions, but now with the length of their stay having been what it was, it was difficult not to accumulate at least some things, a lot of which were either games collected from the gift shop or weapons.

But this made for a good excuse. There were always these minor issues that had bugged him about Rean, but it didn't really come to a head until Saturday, when everything went to hell in a handbasket again. At first he was willing to attribute it to the hotel situation and the discovery that he was alive, but... some of it seemed too extreme somehow. He knew Rean was never the kind to have swaggering overconfidence but that degree of self-loathing and blame was fucked up, to say the least.

...So there was only one way to find out.]

Hey, thanks for helping me out there, man. Mind if you help me organize some stuff while you're at it? Might as well chat a little, too. [His eyes flicker towards a visible camera for a moment before settling back on Rean.]